Big Catch

Welcome to Big Catch!

  • Big Catch is Florida's family-friendly, freshwater angler recognition program.
  • Thirty-three different freshwater fish to choose from.
  • Simply catch a fish that exceeds the qualifying length OR weight, take a photo and submit.
  • Special youth sizes to invite their participation. 
  • Qualifiers get a customized color-certificate, decal and discount for a photo plaque.
  • Advanced anglers, continue the challenge seeking Specialist, Master and Elite Angler recognition.

Overview and Goal Statements

Big Catch is designed to encourage anglers to enjoy the full variety of freshwater fishes found in Florida and to try new locations, techniques and species.  It is simple and easy.  Simply register for a chance to win a bass boat.

  1. Check the Big Catch Eligible Species list for the species you are interested in.
  2. Visit the Fish Range Finder to see the distribution of eligible species. 
  3. Catch one that is bigger than the minimum Qualifying Length OR Weight and take a photo.
  4. Remember youth under 16 years old, can qualify with slightly smaller fish.
  5. Fish must be caught using an active hook-and-line method (bush hooks, snatch hooks, set lines, and trotlines are excluded).
  6. Log-in and submit your catch, to get your Certificate and brag online.
  7. Continue to catch and report more for additional recognition:
  • Specialist = Five of the same species
  • Master Angler = Five different species
  • Elite Angler = Ten different species
  • Slams are for catching special groups of fish all in a specific time period)

[NOTE: Largemouth bass over 8 pounds, that are carefully documented and released should be submitted to TrophyCatch for rewards, be sure to have a camera, scale and tape measurer with you and follow the submission rules carefully.)