Species Info

Butterfly Peacock

Type:  Other Non-Native

Appearance:  Color is very vivid— generally golden with three black vertical bars that fade with age. A black spot with a yellow halo on the tail fin is distinctive.

State record:  9.11 lbs.

BigCatch:  To qualify your catch needs to exceed the listed weight OR length (not necessarily both).

Habitat:  Butterfly peacock bass were stocked by the FWC, after research showed temperature would limit their range. Biologists sought a predator to control exotic fishes and to provide a high quality sport fishery. Many miles of canals in Miami-Dade and Broward counties now have self-sustaining peacock fisheries worth millions of dollars locally.

Behavior:  Peacocks spawn from April through September. Both adults prepare a flat, hard surface near shore and guard the young. Reproductively active males have a nuchal hump on their forehead.

Tips:  Peacocks prefer live fish or fish-like lures, rather than plastic worms. Light tackle fished during the day near fallen trees, culverts or in the shade are productive. The FWC encourages catch-and-release of these sport fish.

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